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Since 2013, the YPAV has been involved in many community initiatives and projects in the Alberni Valley,



Dry Creek Community Garden


June, 2015


Janette Cormier
Heidi Reinikka
Miriam Tomczak


YPAV has started a community garden in Port Alberni. We have chosen an empty city owned lot adjacent to Dry Creek as an ideal location and have signed a lease with the City of Port Alberni.

Our garden rents out plots every April. Plots are $25 per year. For availabilities please contact Heidi. 

Contact: president@ypalbernivalley.ca


What we plan to accomplish



  • To establish and maintain a community garden adjacent to Dry Creek park that includes co-operative and individual growing methods for perennial and annual plants.



  • Create a garden for organic food and herb (culinary, medicinal) production that is co-operative and individualized
  • Create a space for sharing cultivation, food production, harvest, preservation, and herbal medicine skills.
  • Create a space where we can run regular workshops, classes, skill shares that encourage community participation and learning on a variety of basic skills including – cultivation, pruning, harvesting, food preservation, medicine making.
  • Have a focus on perennial and low maintainance annual plants as the basis of the production area.