The nomination period goes from March 17th 2019 to April 19th 2019. Finalists will be announced on April 23nd 2019 with the awards ceremony being presented at the YPAV Annual General Meeting on May 2nd at the Casino.


Distinguished Alumni Award:

This award recognizes the work and contributions of past YPAV members. They have exhibited business best practices, are considered leaders in their industry, and have made positive impacts over their years as a professional in the Alberni Valley. The recipient of this award demonstrates that their accomplished work directly connects to YPAVs values.

Change Agent Award:

This award recognizes a current YPAV member for their ongoing effort, vision, and impact they have within the YPAV and the broader community. They have positioned themselves in the Alberni Valley as an active professional whose work directly contributes to a thriving business community. The recipient of this award demonstrates that their progressive work directly connects to the YPAV values.

Valued Partnership Award:

This award recognizes a partner organization of YPAV for their ongoing support and collaboration. This organization helps elevate YPAV initiatives by showing their commitment to the YPAV members, and by offering opportunities to grow the group professionally, and socially. The recipient of this award demonstrates effective partnership practices that directly connect to the YPAV values.